It all Fell Apart…

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We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on March 21st 2012. All that week, something just did not seem right to me. I could not quite put my finger on it, but clearly, he was acting out of sorts. I happened to be home sick from work one day and he was usually an extremely attentive husband, but not this time. He did bare minimum. I remember God speaking to me as I lay on the couch ill and saying “In a few days you’ll know what this is all about.”

Well sure enough, I happened upon information of his infidelity. I need to give a little background information here. My husband was 17 years my senior, retired from General Motors, and experiencing serious decline in his health. He also was an excellent provider, enjoyed cooking dinner for me each day (I was still employed), and got excited planning our weekend activities! We shared our Christian faith and values and although he was not my children’s biological father; he grew to love them as his own and was there for them. He helped both the girls get their first cars and assisted with college costs. My first husband and I (My children’s Dad) were married 13 years. His infidelity ended our marriage. I was a single mom 3 years before I re-married. I was sure I’d made the right decision this time – an older, settled, Christian gentleman who loved me. I could trust him around my children. Ahhh…I finally have some help…I can exhale.

…I NEVER saw it coming.

It was 3 days after our anniversary when I confronted him with my new found information, he did not deny it. That day is one I shall never forget. My world exploded! I grabbed my keys and left the house in tears and went to a friend’s house. You should know that my husband had previously had 3 heart attacks and was recovering from triple-bypass surgery, had undergone¬† cancer surgeries and had other chronic health problems. I took care of him, worked a full time job, cared for the kids, and served as a Pastor at our church.

I know what the obvious question is…How in the WORLD could he have done ANYTHING in his condition? The internet. He met “someone” online and began an online relationship that drew his heart away. I could probably sell this story on LIFETIME. He announced that he would be ending our marriage. Oh yeah…I’m the one that taught him how to use the computer in the first place!

I spent that night in a hotel in a nearby city with a pounding headache trying to figure out if “this” was real or not. My mind was playing tricks on me…I couldn’t think straight.

…the worst was yet to come…



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I am a woman who suffered the devastation of divorce and thought my life was over. But, God had another plan...

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