Moving On…


One of the hardest things for me was accepting what happened and moving on. Life doesn’t stop just because your world has fallen apart.

The challenge of moving on is quite complicated because there are so many things in life that cause you to remember your former spouse. The theater, restaurants, certain smells, songs, his Birthday, commercials, your anniversary, holidays, etc. How do you escape the memories of what used to be but is no more?

One thing that helped me was acknowledging the “reminder”, but telling myself that “I am going to make NEW memories now!” For example, I celebrate my Birthday with my children and then again with two of my closest friends! They make my day really special and I feel loved and spoiled.

Re-inventing your life is no easy task! It is work but the beauty of it is that YOU get to decide how it will go and you need no one else’s approval! How about that?

At this point in my journey, the sting of divorce has passed. It was 7 years as of March 24th and I truly do have a new life and have experienced the transformation that can happen when one surrenders their life to Jesus Christ.

Each day is a gift and because I know the pain that a soul can experience; I do not take my GOOD DAYS for granted.

I’m “Moving On”! Sometimes I move slowly, but I’m still moving towards NEW LIFE! How about joining me?

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I am a woman who suffered the devastation of divorce and thought my life was over. But, God had another plan...

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